About The Therapy Centre

About the therapy centre & why the title: Lived World… 

The lived world is about the individual’s attitude towards the World and how each human being lives in their own lived world, and that taking ourselves for granted in our everyday world we lose valuable aspects of what it really is to be human… In therapy the client wants to feel that their counsellor has a genuine, personal interest in their world – in their wellbeing… it is not about appearing professional but about being genuine, being authentic and to be really present with the individual who has come to therapy…

Lived World Counselling Centre provides a safe environment for the care of Marlene’s clients. 

Safety measures for Covid-19 are in place keeping a 2 metre distance at all times with good ventilation due to opened windows during the session in the therapy room. 

Lived World Counselling Centre is based in Sutton Coldfield and located  on Springfield road right at the junction with Wimbourne Road. The postcode is B76 2SY

There is ample space for parking on the drive or on Wimbourne Road, at the side of the therapy centre.

Lived World Counselling Centre is only seconds away from bus stops on either side of Springfield Road. The X14 bus from Sutton Coldfield to Birmingham City Centre and vice-versa. 

Lived World Counselling also offers long distance counselling sessions via telephone, WhatsApp calls, Skype and / or Zoom.